Sunday, May 15, 2011

About the Author

If you're reading my blog, maybe I should share a little about who I am. Here's a little background on me, but please pardon the variety of styles I use, be prepared for numbers, bullets, and paragraphs...

Once upon a time... there was a 4th grader who was bent on being an interior designer, and the future star of HGTV... Jump to junior year of high school, this same student was so determined to succeed as a designer, she researched colleges, visited with designers, read books, and in general plotted her future... Except then this junior signed up for Cadet Teaching, volunteering in Mr. Wilson's 5th grade classroom... And that was where the AH HA moment happened... Watching kids learn is exhilarating... And thus began the new path in life, to become a teacher! After four enjoyable years at the University of Portland, I applied for a job on the Oregon Coast... Five days after graduation, I sat in an interview at the school, and three days after that, I was offered a position! I now teach 4th grade on the coast, an actual dream come true (Yeahyeahyeah, corny, cheesy, whatever). 

Hopefully that background explains my strange obsession with students, but also design.  Although I did not choose it as a vocation, it is still a passion and hobby!

1. I love reading. (7 books currently on the nightstand, in the middle of 3 of them...)
2. I am perpetually cold. 
3. Antiquing and what not is more like an addiction (although that makes me sound like I'm out of control... I am not, 90% of the time I only window shop)
4. Crime drama television is my weakness.
5. Water is my favorite beverage.
6. I may or may not alphabetize things. 
7. I have a handsome and hilarious boyfriend.
8. My family is wonderful, I am truly blessed.
9. I work miscellaneous hours at Brevin's Fudge Booth and for my church.
10. Flip flops are neat.
11. I sing for church. 
13. I have worked in a hardware store. Twice.
14. I am a recent lover of Zumba.
15. Teaching is the most heartbreaking, and yet rewarding job imaginable.

Questions, comments, concerns, short stories, or songs???
Post below!

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