Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank you very much!

I am a little slow on getting these up, but I created pennant style thank you cards for my students who gave me gifts at the end of the year.  I choose cards in bright colors (from a precut mat stack book) and then selected both pattered and solid paper for the pennant flags that complimented the card colors.  I then free handed small triangles from the paper.  I used the first one as a guide for the rest so they were somewhat similar.  The first card I created was the green one, featuring the brown trim, but I was not thrilled with the result so I opted to string the flags on an invisible line! Once each card was glued together, I labeled the flags with brown Sharpie, mixing up the fonts for each card.  I let the cards dry under a press so as to keep the pennants from curling on the edges and voila! A cute and simple card! These would make adorable birthday cards, baby announcements or shower gifts, party invites, you name it!

Notice the different fonts.

Finished pieces.

All together, notice the brown trim on the green card. Decided it was too bulky and didn't sit right. Perhaps some thick thread would be more appropriate in the future. Or a hand drawn line. Next time...

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