Monday, May 7, 2012

Operation Bunny Suit!

Preparing to enter the operating room!
Today our 5th graders all got partake in an awesome adventure to the local hospital! For a good reason, of course! We were a part of a new program called Operation Bunny Suit! This whole bunny suit thing has nothing to do with bunnies, and no creatures or students were harmed in the process of this field trip.  The bunny suits are the white suits that are worn in operating rooms along with head coverings and shoe booties.
Adults and students alike suited up for the process! 
Our group started in the operating room checking out how a laparoscopy camera works, and also practicing stitching up "patients" after surgery! 

Our "body" was full of feathers, trinkets, a flowered lei, and porcelain dolls.  
You're on candid camera!
From the OR we moved back to the conference room to meet with one of the physical therapy staff members and talk about how our body works.  Students looked at a model skeleton, muscles, and nerves.  We then tested how our muscles work for us in a fierce wall-sit competition! 

Checking out the skeleton model!
How are your legs feeling???
After we were sufficiently worked out, Ms. Morgan, the PE teacher would be proud, we headed off to the post operative area to monitor our heart rates and oxygen levels. Students wore leads attached to monitors so they could observe their body systems operating, they then received read outs showing what they registered.  
Eyes closed, relaxing the heart rate.
Listening to our heart beats!
Looking over read outs.
Monitoring oxygen levels too!
The next Doogie Houser?
What is my temperature???
What a fun trip! The hospital provided us with a tasty hamburger lunch, a fantastic educational field trip experience, and sent us off with great goodie bags, including our hospital gear, stitched up patients, and neat new Operation Bunny Suit t-shirts! Thank you for your hospitality and time! We had a memorable time!
Happy patients!

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  1. What a fantastic experience for the children! Who knows how many doctors, nurses, physical therapists and more will come from this group after being inspired by such a great outing.