Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bulletin Board Ideas!

I love bulletin boards but it usually takes me a while to come up with an idea that I love enough to work on. I figure I should share some of the simple ideas I have used so that others can have nifty boards with little effort too!

This turtle board is from the book "Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back" (See the second picture).  
  1. I used the turtle image on the dedication page and traced the outline onto green butcher paper using my Elmo projector. I then traced the shell pieces onto printer paper so that I could have master copies for next year! 
  2. Next I copied the masters so that my students had outlines to work in. 
  3. The students each received a poem from the book and illustrated their shell piece to match the text.
  4. We then pasted them in place and filled excess shell space (not enough students for 2 whole shells) with copies of the coordinating poems for the missing pieces. 
  5. Cut turtles out (I didn't take time for precise cuts, just trimming around the outside) and hang on board!

Fireworks are SO simple and quite fun to create! 
I took half sheets of printer paper and half sheets of black construction paper for the backing and gave some to each student. Rules for creating fireworks are easy, 
  • Pick 2-4 crayon colors
  • Make 3-5 starting points, just small dots using all the same color
  • Color tight zig-zags around the dots with the next color of choice
  • Continue creating zig-zags, using each color in a consistent pattern, every firework should be identical
  • Fireworks will eventually collide and fill the whole page
Fireworks were then stapled randomly on the board with Cricut letters and stars (di-cut)
Such a quick and easy project, only takes one art session for students to complete (generally)
Board assembly took 10 minutes, talk about speedy for a whole board!


  1. Your Firework Fun project is from Mr. A's class!

    - Katrina

  2. Yeah! I loved it then, and it's so simple, so being a recycler and not reinventing the wheel, I borrowed it!