Friday, November 25, 2011

Back to Blogging!

After an extremely long hiatus, AKA summer vacation and the start of the new school year, I have finally found time to blog again! Hooray! My mom and I spent the early morning hours doing some Christmas shopping and taking advantage of many of the Black Friday deals in our area, we then came home and proceeded our wrapping process.

Each year, I try to maintain some consistency through use of color or materials. This year our gifts will be wrapped in hand stamped craft paper and topped with tulle bows.  Tulle is one of my favorite things to do presents with because by tying the simplest bow, it adds a great amount of volume to the packages.  Tulle fluffs so nicely, and it doesn't require the time and scissor practice of curling ribbon.

Check out the process and some of the final products for our wrapping paper!

1. Cut brown craft wrap to necessary size and lay flat on hard surface.

2. Add stamps one color at a time in a pattern or arrangement of your choosing.
3. For a multi color piece like the one pictured, select next colors and continue to add to pattern.

4. Let ink dry momentarily, I try to purchase quick drying!
5. Wrap gift as you would normally.
6. Add tulle as ribbon, before I create the last bow I thread the package tag on and tie around that so it stays secure on the box.

This present has two layers of tulle, a royal blue paired with a glitter white.

Christmas treats, gingerbread and candy canes!

Little, lanky snowmen!

Rows of gingerbread friends.

Color coordination at its best! Red ornaments and green wreaths with opposing bows!

So simple, so fun, so unique, and so pretty!

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