Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Buttons!

In the event you were unaware, I LOVE giving presents.  And as weird as it is, I LOVE wrapping presents even more! I'm probably sick and disturbed... :) Anyway! Making cards and wrapping presents, then giving them away is something that brings me joy, so prepare yourself for a birthday and button themed mini post!

I decided that I wanted to make a fun card without stamping it, so I opted for buttons! I laid them out and then rearranged them over and over in order to get a layout and variety! When it came to color choice I picked buttons that would match the wrapping paper I was planning on using.  
Creating the card was so simple, just gluing the buttons into place, and letting them dry.  Once they were secured I used a black pen to draw my strings and bow.  

As I said before, I wanted the buttons to match the wrapping. If you knew who the gift was going to, you'd realize that plaid wrapping paper is only the most appropriate choice! Plus I just personally think plaid is neat! I considered using black grosgrain ribbon, but of course, couldn't find any at the time... Isn't that just how life is?! In its place I opted for a couple wraps of baker's twine in red and white to match the color scheme. Add one envelope and this present was wrapped for success! And it was very successful indeed!


  1. You are too awesome!!!!! :-) Not only is this a very matched gift, but the card is so LOVELY! I like the idea of using buttons for balloons. Very very nice!

  2. What a clever button idea!
    Love it!! OF COURSE it has to match!!!! Is there any other way?