Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet the Phoebs!

I have two clever boys in my class who thought it would be appropriate to name the classroom plants.  The potted plant was a room warming gift from my family and the plant on the window screen is really just part of an overgrown bush outside. I joked with one of the boys that the plant keeps growing closer, meaning it must want to be friends.  Taking the friendship seriously, he immediately took to naming it with the help of his neighbor.  The plant outside is named Phoebe, and the potted plant is now named Phoebstah. The boys suggested that they have name tags that say, "Hello, my name is..." Loving their enthusiasm, I willingly obliged!


  1. And you are witnessing the trickery in elementary school...soon your tv will be on and you won't know it ;)

  2. I'm thinking a new pot for the Phoebsah will soon be in order. Or is it growing legs to walk outside?

  3. JANE!
    It's true! They already think they are so clever, and I haven't even taught them all of my ways yet! They are quick learners!