Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Approaching!

Summer is literally around the corner, and a sunny, perfect Friday afternoon is the best sort of reminder! We are also reaching the end of the school year, a bittersweet moment for a first year teacher like myself.  My first class has been astounding, challenging at times, but I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have the class I do. And on that note, I get to keep over half of them next year!!!! I will be teaching a 4/5 blend class next year, and if our class lists are accepted by the principal, I will keep 13 of my 20 students. I am greatly looking forward to September, although I am quite excited for summer break to arrive as well. :)  With only one more full week and a half week to follow, my first year is very near completion and I have enjoyed it immensely! I need to remember to take my camera to school for end of the year photos!

PS: The picture above is from our front porch, overlooking the Columbia River and the neighborhood today! I understand if you are jealous of this awesome Friday view! Happy weekending!

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