Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remnants of Christmas

This year my cousin Amy and I created a simple decoration plan for the church.  We developed our color scheme around burlap, pink and gold, matching some of the colors already used within the building.  We used chocolate and natural colored burlap with a variety of pink ribbon, gold accents, and cream colored candles. We had many hands that helped decorate the whole building inside and out! These beautiful creations were the results of many hard workers, many thanks to them!
Bunched burlap with pink ribbon,  gold pine cones, gold berries, and pink poinsettias.   

Boards wrapped in burlap with ribbon paired with candles, created by my mom.

Simple wreath with greens and gold berries intertwined. 
Amy created beautiful burlap and ribbon bows for the garland adorned altar railing.

Gold and pink ornaments!

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