Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 Sucks! Happy Birthday!

Thanks to my new obsession called Pinterest, I discovered a fun and easy birthday gift.  This one was perfect especially since one of my teaching partners had an approaching 30th birthday. So I finally got around to actually doing one of the projects I keep pinning!

I took a small cardboard box and cut the top off.  I then wrapped the box in a birthday themed wrapping paper. I took a small rectangle of florists foam and placed in the bottom of the box, then covered it and filled the box with crinkle cut craft paper filler.  Then I took thirty Tootsie Roll Pops and stuck them into the foam.
I finished the box off with a polka dot ribbon and bow that matched the paper I was going to use for a card! I just love matching things!
Check colors in the bags before buying so you have a variety of colors!

Polka dot bow!

I created the card from a white base card, then added my own layering.  I used blue chipboard and a polka dot piece of scrapbook paper that I added an edge to for more effect.  The row of polka dots on the bottom is made simply from colored dot stickers. The numbers and words are from a miscellaneous sticker font that I found in my mess! All of the paper pieces were attached using glue dots. The card was colorful and fun to create, plus it was relatively easily!

Polka dotted themed card.
Finished product!
 The best part of this project was the huge grin the gift received! That is the best part of gift giving, the reaction! Here's to 30 being an amazing age! Happy birthday Rory!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is adorable!!!!!! I love it!!!! Totally need to steal that idea! :)