Sunday, February 12, 2012

Give a Little Love!

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching! I've been busy creating my Valentine's gifts this past week, and was able to get two projects out of one set of materials! BONUS! 

I found an adorable set of bookmarks on Pinterest that I decided would be absolutely perfect for my students.  The premise was simple and quick. I needed multicolor paint chips, a heart-shaped hole punch, a regular round punch, and ribbon! All things that I have or can acquire at a cheap price. The paint chips (like the snowman) were free from the Fred Meyer paint department. I picked up a roll of pink ribbon from our brand new Joann's, 10 yards for $0.50.  I already owned the necessary hole punches, so I had a low cost project on my hands; the best kind!
Hearts punched from the edge of the paint chips.
After punching the hearts along each color block, I punched a single round hole in the lightest color block.  I then cut lengths of pink ribbon, about 8 inches each, to tie off the top of the bookmark. I simply folded the ribbon in half and put the cut edges through the hole, then laced them through the loop at the other end and pulled tight.  I think they turned out quite well if I do say so myself! :)
The finished product!
I was able to use the punched out hearts for my next project! I created a heart shared mosaic card for my boyfriend.  I set up the design on the table then glued them into place one by one.  I used a white blank card as the base and Elmer's clear craft bond glue.
Punch scraps turned art!

Process, one heart at a time.
To finish the card, I used a red ink pen and jotted a small scripted note.  iloveyou.

Finished card, maybe I should start production... :)

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