Monday, April 22, 2013

National Park Loving...

In honor of National Park Week, I decided to create a blog about one of my passions! FYI, ALL National Parks have FREE admission Monday through Friday this week! Take advantage of a HUGE price break and get out to explore the country! I'll keep the blog simple so you can enjoy some of the neat things I've been blessed to see in our country, and hopefully you find the same beauty and inspiration that I have.
The following pictures are from four parks that I have visited in the digital camera age (I fail at scanning older photos...). Featured are: Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Teddy Roosevelt, and Haleakala.

National parks are protectors of wild animals.  

They are also home to impressive, beautiful, and unique plant life.  

You can find breath taking views and scenic wonder.

Surprising history in the form of buildings and architecture.

Grand examples of how nature is full of mystery.

And I'm pretty sure the north gate at Yellowstone explains National Parks perfectly, "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people." Visit them, love them, preserve them. 

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  1. Wonderful photos! I'm ready, let's go!!! :)