Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are We Nuts?

As we continue to celebrate our fearless Classified Staffers, each grade level breaks up the week and gives them mini treats every day! The 4th/5th grade teachers are in charge of Wednesday, so we have been prepping our present! 

I used a rubber band to hold the mini stamps together in order to make my stamping much quicker. Step one was to place the word "NUTS" on the tags in a bright orange color.

I then hand penned the remaining words in a bright blue ink, "We are NUTS about you!" The perfect saying to go with our gift! 

Using baker's twine, the tags were attached to the trail mix bags.

A huge shout out and thank you to my teaching partner, Rory, for tying so many little ribbons for the sake of my crazy craftiness! He was very patient, only about 36 bows... :) Thank you RORY! For tying bows and enduring me! 

Final product, boxes of nuts for the people that put up with us nutty teachers!

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