Monday, March 24, 2014

Not Your Average Throwback!

In case you were unaware, and it's totally okay if you were, my family is pretty terrific! Need proof?! Uh... how about the fact that we had a family slide night!
My great aunt Connie was a huge fan of taking photos wherever she went, and then turned them into slides. My dad spent hours and days scanning the slides into the computer and sorting them in order to find our slide show play list. Then my aunt Kathy invited the entire extended family (potentially over 40 people...) to her home for slide viewing! And boy, was it a hit! 

Retro candy selection, air popped pop corn, and hot cocoa!

Of course the slides were shown with the help of my grandpa's slide projector. Displayed on Connie's little vintage projector screen! There were some curious looks from the latest generation regarding this interesting contraption! "What is that?" 

Don't forget stacks and stacks of slides for your viewing pleasure! 

Not only did Kathy host the event, she even had appropriate accessories for her siblings. 3D glasses without lenses make some pretty convincing Buddy Holly inspired frames like my dad wore as a kid. She also picked up a fun scarf for my aunt Terry, and Kathy was dressed in her vintage best too, head scarf and jumper! Nothing like the 60s and 70s... 

Ironically, I DID use Instagram to create this. It was strictly to get the 1977 wash! Era perfect! 
The whole reason for the party! Slides! Just a quick peek at some of the beautiful, and often funny, photos that we were able to view! As someone who did not live through these moments in our family history, being able to see the people and places that shaped our family was quite enlightening. History is absolutely fascinating to me, especially when I am connected to it. Forget about InstaSnapBook and #throwbackthursday. This is a bit more authentic. A bit more fun. And a lot more about family time.    

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  1. What a wonderful description of our great slide party! It was so fun to see the photo's you shared and read your narration of the event! It was a blast and I love the 70's look of the sibling picture! All I can add to this is that we need to have a slide party Part II......thanks for sharing and we couldn't have done it without your SUPER DAD!! Thank you!