Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Blue Stool!

I have to preface this post with the fact that one of our spelling words this past week was stool. And needless to say, one of my clever students immediately made suggestive statements about poop... I really shouldn't have been surprised considering they all laughed when rear was a spelling word, or when we learning about the river and had the vocabulary word buoy... In their defense, they are nine...

But anyway, totally unrelated to pooing, and actually about an adorable little blue wooden stool that I fell in love with at my favorite Astoria  merchant, Vintage Hardware! I decided that this little stool would be the perfect addition to my classroom for my projector cart. The only challenge was purchasing the stool in the first place, since I didn't want to pay full price. Fortunately, my lovely aunt called me with 10 minutes to closing to let me know that my beloved stool was on sale for 20% off! Hooray! I do not recommend driving at the speed or in the aggressive manner that I did in order to reach the store in time, but it was so worth it.  

To complete my lovely monogramming project, I simply picked a font on the computer that I like (Ravie) and filled the page with a capital letter G. I then printed and cut the letter out of the paper, careful to not destroy the outline.  I then taped the outline to the stool seat and covered the remainder of the seat with newspaper.  At that point, I used a can of Rust-oleum white spray paint from Astoria Builders Supply. Let the paint dry, then gently peel off outline, paper and any tape leftovers.  To clean up any overspray, I dipped Q-tips in Goof Off and tidied up the edges.

  I left the original paint color and the all original distressing because that was the look that I preferred.  But the stool can easily be sanded and repainted for alternative uses! I recommend flea markets, antique or furniture consignment stores, or garage sales for locating stools. Then pick your paint colors and seat design and get to work! 

Using an image rather than a monogram would be really cute too. Maybe a flower, leaf, or even a gingerbread character if the stool is for a child's room! 

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