Monday, February 28, 2011

Remnants of Christmas?

Since I'm just getting this blog business rolling, I have many delayed event pictures. I do, however, promise that these pictures are lovely, and will potentially provide you with future crafting and decorating ideas! These pictures are taken at my church, decorating credit must also go to my aunt Kathy and cousin Amy! These ideas are not only really beautiful, but also wonderfully simple to create.
1. Collect a variety of clear vases, bottles, jars, or pitchers. The more diversity the better!
2. Arrange the vessels in an order of your choice on either a window sill, shelf, or mantle.
3. Use white lights (preferably with a white cord) to fill the vessels. 
4. Make sure to shake the lights out so they fill up the jar without clumping.
Thanks to my aunt Kathy for this adorable idea!

This delicious smelling and delightful looking ornament was incredibly simple to create.
1. Find pine cones in nature (cheapest method) or purchase them. I got mine from Fred Meyers, they are about 8 inches long and smell like cinnamon!
2. Use a metallic gold spray paint to lightly coat each pine cone.
3. After they have dried, use 1/2 inch ribbon, we used both gold and white, to create a hanger. We simply wrapped the ribbon around the first layer of scales on the flat side.

1. Use the bottom trimmings from your Christmas tree or any another evergreen. 
2. Arrange to taste in a vase or jar. I used a simple, square, clear vase.
3. Add decorative pieces, in the picture I used a white silk, rose, beaded wire, and pearl floral picks.

This advent wreath is made of a grapevine wreath on a small tray. The candles were placed first then filled with greens and pine cones.  Pearl flower picks were placed throughout and gold ribbon was used as a garland. 
Thanks to my cousin Amy for the gorgeous work!

You need three things! Glass candle holders, white taper candles, and a garland of your choice. The picture garland was made of gold ribbon and fake pearls. I honestly have no clue where it came from, rather it was found in the mass amounts of holiday decor that fills our church attic! Reuse!

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