Sunday, December 9, 2012

'Tis the Season (Part One)

This is the first of at least four blogs entries focusing on Christmas projects! The first blog is about a Christmas banner for church, the second features the overall decorating scheme for the church, the third will showcase a pallet sign, and lastly my Christmas wrapping theme for this year! And perhaps one or two more! Oh such a busy time of year! 

This one is about a simple and classy looking banner that my Aunt Kathy, Mom, and I created. The banner base was made of natural burlap and creamy colored thread.  My mom was the sewing superstar and took care of the hemming and stitching the top loop from which the banner would hang.  

I took on tracing 6 inch monogram letters on to vintage sheet music that I copied on to card stock. Then my Aunt Kathy and I cut out all the letters so they would be ready to attach to our newly minted banner.   
Vintage sheet music featuring Christmas carols! 
Using a straight edge and tape measure so we made sure to stay aligned, we laid out our letters! Then we used a caulking-like all-purpose adhesive to attach the letters to the burlap (fortunately for us, it dries clear!) We made sure all the edges had a small fringe to add detail to the banner. 

I promise we ironed the burlap, but of course, the picture below looks like we didn't do a thing! Oh brother! I promise it looks great in person! 'Tis the season for "Adoring Him!" 

Stay tuned for more Christmas Merry Making! Coming up next: Christmas decorations in the church! 

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