Monday, December 10, 2012

'Tis the Season (Part Two)

Well hello! Welcome to the part two of my Christmas crafting series! On Friday we had a decorating party at church in order to get the church ready for Christmas. Many hands make light work!

Using the same vintage sheet music that was used for the Adore Him banner, I printed the music onto cream colored paper. I then cut the paper along the long sides, so I got 11 strips out of each piece of paper.  Then it was time to get gluing! I'm quite certain that I made at least 100 feet of chain!

Paper chain went everywhere! Including on the ledges that surround the piano areas.  The printed burlap was picked up on sale at Joann's and the candles are battery powered finds from Costco! My goal was to make the placement look natural and not too symmetrical.  

And more garland! With beautiful glass jar candles from Fred Meyer, on sale for only $1.20!

The Advent wreath this year is also quite simple in nature.  My cousin Brittany did a beautiful job of weaving in greenery and adding the single white poinsettia for accent.  So simple, yet so pretty!

My Aunt Kathy had the great idea to hang white ornaments from the balcony railing with white ribbon.  They are hung at varying levels to give more dimension! 

When in doubt add more burlap! Tree skirt in natural burlap!

Still doubting? Add more paper chain! The tree features the paper chain, white pine cones, and white poinsettias.  The tree was then topped with a white tulle bow (not placed as of the picture).

The altar features white lighted garland and a greenery arrangement with white roses. The altar railing has lighted green garland, the vintage music paper chain, and tulle bows that match the tree. 

Overall our goal was to keep the decorating simple. I think we did a beautiful job of capturing the simple country charm inspired by the vintage sheet music. ENJOY!

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