Monday, March 4, 2013

Pack a Little Picnic (Part One)

Welcome to a blogging mini series! This one will only be a couple posts long, featuring a picnic that the certified teachers hosted for our school's phenomenal classified staff members! These people are literally the heart and soul of a school, bus drivers, secretaries, custodial staff, kitchen staff, classroom assistants, recess aids, librarians, all the people that keep a school running in tip-top shape! Teachers would, in all honesty, be significantly crazier than we already are if these people were not part of a school. Classified Appreciation Week is March 4-8 this year and the teachers pulled together to host a beautiful lunch! 

A hosted luncheon is not complete without a theme inspired invitation! Being a craft nut, if you haven't figured that out already..., I volunteered to create the invitations! I started with rolled craft paper, and used a paper cutter to trim them into 4" by 5.5" rectangles.

I then used a lace edge punch, shown below, from Martha Stewart's craft line, to frame all of the edges of the craft wrap. 

I then glued the craft paper to my picnic table cloth scrapbook paper! Those were cute into 6" squares.

The final piece of the puzzle was the information for the party, of course! Using my new obsession for downloading adorable fonts, I created a fun and spunky information postcard.  The "In celebrations of YOU" is in Office's standard Rockwell.  The large "PICNIC" is Coffee Tin.
The remaining information is Strawberry Limeade. These fonts are both from free websites, so go get them!

After attaching the pieces, used a teacher's go to, glue sticks, then final product was cute and simple! But they got rave reviews! Thanks for those compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed the invites! 

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