Monday, March 4, 2013

Pack a Little Picnic (Part Two)

Of course if I show you invitations, I have to show the party decor! This is more of a photo journal sort of post, limited description, but fun ideas! Of course, you know from the invites that the potluck luncheon was picnic themed so we used fun, vintage decor! 

At our lemonade stand, we used old wooden crates and canning jars for glassware. 

Paper products and utensils were stored in various glass jars, and then in a vintage wire basket.

Each table (the buffets and lemonade stand too!) was covered with plastic picnic table cloth as seen in basically every photo! The colored daisies were put in larger versions of the utensil jars. 

And no picnic is complete without ANTS! Ours were friendly, plastic, and snagged from our math manipulatives for a fun effect!

I was super excited that McKenzie (decorating partner in crime!) embraced my harebrained idea to use the bench in our decor. It was really only thought of because it was still in my car from the Vintage Hardware Fire Sale we shopped the day previous. We decided it would be perfect to hold our drink bucket.  This photo was taken before the bucket was loaded with ice and bottles.  

The room as a whole, the tops of the library shelves served as our buffet line, so they were decorated with paper flowers and picnic baskets too! If you look closely, you can see the butterflies that the wonderful Mary Ann hung from the lights! The perfect topper to our picnic party! 

Thank you so much to McKenzie and Mary Ann for teaming up with me to decorate on Sunday, you are both so clever and crafty! 

Thank you to all of our certified staff for providing all of the food! And for your help setting out food in the morning and clean up after! And for giving our classified good break time by covering their obligations for them.

AND BIGGEST THANKS TO OUR CLASSIFIED HEROES! You are truly the foundation of our school and programs. I know I'd be lost without you! 

PS: Lynne B. the bar has been set! ;) 

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  1. What a great event!
    I love the theme and decorations!!
    So nice that the Vintage Hardware bench came in so handy!!
    I think it is a wonderful idea to honor the Classified Heroes at your school! What a tribute!
    Good job!