Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Break Rehabs!

With Spring Break only two and a half weeks away, of course, I'm gathering all sorts of little, or not so little, projects!

1.  Reno-ing the little pink/raspberry/mauve-ish colored shelf! Still debating color options! 

2. Creating pillar candle holders! Found some awesome spindles at Vintage Hardware that I am going to add flat caps to in order to make candle holders. Borrowed this example from Etsy.com

3. Build a frame for a mirror out of molding! I need to frame out a large rectangular mirror in hopes to add it to my wall! I would add a photo, but i struggled to find a cute picture on the Internet, and since mine is not done, I don't have a picture of my own! UGH! Many examples use square corners featuring rosettes, but I want to use 45 degree clean cuts. 

4. Read a stack of wonderful books.
5. Work on a Just Because gift for a special person!
6. Plus any other ideas that appear on the plate!


  1. Hey Melissa,

    like all the pictures! You are clearly still Martha Stewart. You should check out my cousin's blog on how she and her boyfriend and resuscitating their house, I think you'll really enjoy it. http://www.annerand.com/


  2. Thanks! I'm okay being Martha. And p.s. love your name, ugoglen!