Monday, December 30, 2013

Card Making!

Let me just start by saying that I love hardware stores or home improvement stores for the free treasures...
I have used many a paint chip or color swatch for many a project! 

Generally when I walk past a paint display I grab a few new color samples. Who says I'm not constantly painting walls?! Super simple card making. I love a clean looking card, with a bit of fun detail or color. ENJOY

I attached the paint chip to the front of a trimmed card using double stick tape squares. My favorite part of this card would be the paint colors and how PERFECTLY they match the theme! Green giggle, bright foliage, bold bark, and retro green, all for my Secret Santa Christmas card. 
I added the cedar bough stamp using a chocolate colored ink! SEE?!?! Too PerFecT!
Using an edge cutter, I trimmed up the front edge with scallops. Then cut a card sized piece of this FuN gold and white patterned scrap book paper.  I figured it was Just Right for a WEDDING card. Oh my! I attached the piece with more double stick tape squares! 
Look at that! Using extra paper, I cut out a rose from the gold and added it to the top right corner of the card.  Silly ME! I failed to take a FINAL product PiC! Whoops! Maybe Tori or Joe can attach a photo in comments! CONGRATS!

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