Monday, December 30, 2013

From Rags to Riches. Or Spindles to Candlesticks?

Just another DIY project with materials from one of the best LOCAL stores in town! VINTAGE HARDWARE, OF COURSE! Snagged these great spindles for a decent price! 

The project as a whole only cost me about $15! The sandpaper is already EVERYWHERE in the woodshop, and the paint was leftover from my bookcase painting endeavor at school this summer. 

Cut the top and bottom off each piece so they were smooth and flat, sanded each spindle until they were smooth! 
Had to ask for a bit of help from my handy tool man father. I was too afraid that I would absolutely destroy the spindles if I tried to drill the candle holder holes! I'm semi-skilled with power tools, but I know when to get help in order to maintain project perfection! Thanks PA!
Look at that beautiful cream colored paint! Lots of left over for the spindles. (And for the shutter! Stay tuned for that!) I used two coats of paint for each spindle for the best coverage. 
This one is technically upside down! Whoops! But the finished product looks pretty great. At least I think so!
These lovely spindles were a gift for my even lovelier sister-in-law! Their final resting place is in the Midwest. Rachel will have to send me a final product photo once they find an official home! 

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  1. Well done!
    I am sure that these candlesticks were a hit for your sister in law!
    That Vintage Hardware store sounds like a COOL place!!!