Monday, December 9, 2013

We Wish You a Merry Christmas! (Part Two - Felt banner)

If you saw my part one post in the Christmas series, you may have noticed the God Jul felt banner that I created for the church entryway wall. The project was SO simple, that I was tempted to make a second one for home, but realized that I was OUT OF WHITE FELT! Oops! 

White felt (6 sheets 9x12 sheets or cut the 12x18 sheets in half)
Red felt (I used 1.5 12x18 sheets)
Tulle ribbon or other ribbon of choice
Glue (Hot glue was great!)

I printed out the font I wanted from Microsoft Word, and selected Rockwell at size 710! I would have used a much smaller size for home, but wanted these to be large and fill a big wall.

I then cut my stencils and traced them backwards onto the red felt so that when I cut the felt, the front would be free of markings.   

I then cut my 12 inch by 18 inch white felt in half. Using the hot glue, I folded about one and half inches of felt down to make a casing. I ran hot glue along the 9 inch edge and folded the edge down to seal the casing.  Complete this step on all of the pieces of white felt (you should have 6 matching rectangular pennants with a casing at the top). 

I then took the red felt letters that I had previously traced and cut, and using more HOT GLUE! attached them to the white pennants.  I did my best to center them left to right, but kept them a bit lower than centered top to bottom.  That was just a personal choice! Do what YOU want! 

Once I had all of my letters secured, I strung them with red tulle ribbon from Jo-Ann Fabric.  It's about six inches wide, but scrunched up when I threaded it through the casings.  

I tied bows on other side of the banner prior to hanging it on the wall.  The fluffy bows were great for hiding the push pins and gave it just a bit more flair!

GOD JUL or Merry Christmas to everyone! Keep watching for part three! See you soon!

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