Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birth of a Pillow: Part One

Last week I posted pictures of the fabulous fabric swatches that I am using to create pillows.  I have finally sat down and started the project.  To begin, I cut out the pattern pieces that I would need from Simplicity 4108.  Since I am making the rectangle two-piece pillow, I need pieces 10 and 15. After I cut the necessary pieces out, I traced them onto a slightly thicker paper so that I can reuse the patterns with less risk of destroying the original tissue paper! (Ps: I am creating the pillow in the left hand picture on the pattern envelope, the small cream/white one, but my colors are WAY more vibrant!)

Side note: I had to alter the pattern because it is for a 12" by 22" but my pillow fills are 12" by 16". This meant that I made piece 10 into a 16" by 17", the extra height for the zippers. Piece 15 became an 8.5" by 13" pattern for the half sections of the pillow front.

I am only making two pillows for now, but cut the material needed for a total of four pillows so I would not have to go back and cut fabric again. (I find the fabric cutting process annoying... so I might as well do it all at once!) I then re-ironed my fabrics, considering I thoroughly wrinkled them in the cutting process...

Now to begin the actual construction progress! AHHH! To be continued...

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