Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Business in the Classroom

I didn't have these bulletin board pictures on my computer when I posted the previous post. But I purchased inexpensive scrapbook paper in holiday themed colors, but a variety of patterns. I found the the sleeping kiddos and headboard on Scholastic Printables, from a bulletin ideas page. I printed the image and traced it off of my document camera then gave them some color. The students then wrote about what they would give to someone if they had unlimited resources.  I was thoroughly impressed with the ingenuity and selflessness that my students exhibited!  

Last week, March 7th-11th, was Classified Appreciation Week in schools. These are the people who do a lot of work for little credit, the custodians, bus drivers, classroom assistants, secretaries, and cafeteria staff. They are truly remarkable and irreplaceable people and so in order to show our appreciation, my class created this vibrant banner in their honor!
1. Printed the message letter by letter on 8x11 paper, "We <3 our classified staff." I had to use about a 500 font to make the letters large enough.
2. Students each received a letter and "fireworked" the entire page, eliminating all white. (Firework Instructions)
3. After school, I pulled coordinating construction paper to back each letter, based on the students color choices.
4. Had students glue letters to construction paper.
5. Strung the letters on hot pink 6" wide tulle purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. $2.50 for 25 yards! I used clothespins to attach the letters.
6. I then thumb tacked the tulle to the ceiling and thus is an adorable banner!

Found these baskets at Fred Meyers, 10 for $10, so I picked up a half dozen-ish, and now use them as focus bins on top of my classroom library shelf.  I check out books based on our class topics! Each week I rotate out a set of books, and put a new group of texts.  I leave the tiny clips on the baskets and just write up a quick new note card with the topic on it, then hole punch and attach! So simple, and highly effective! My students are eating these books up!

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