Monday, March 14, 2011

Decorating Ideas from My Space

Here are a few photos of some of the decorating that I use in my bedroom, many items coming from antique shops here in town. Check out Vintage Harware for fantastic pieces of all sizes and purposes. Unfortunately, my favorite store, Farmhouse Funk II, is no longer in operation, but I can still visit Peggy and Kathy at VH!

See and steal policy! See it, steal the idea for yourself!

Bought this awesome file drawer at Vintage and it is now home to CDs! So much better than a regular CD rack, it hides the cases in a clever and unique manner.

These former kitchen cabinet doors are nailed directly into the wall (benefit of having solid wood walls!) I picked these up at the former FF2, washed them off and hung them in a row.  Notice they still have their original handles, I had to remove the latching mechanism in order for them to fit flush on the wall.  The three doors fill the walls nicely, and make for great frames for art work, photos, or other wall art! The center door, shown, have tin wall vases with green leaves that match the wall color. 

Reassigned the job of this old plant stand, and turned it into a bedside photo table. Picked up this treasure for $9 at the original Farmhouse Funk at Miles Crossing, now located on 10th by the river in town.

With a large, white bookshelf, I contrasted the brightness with a collection of black frames.  The frames are from various stores, or people, of all different shapes and sizes.  The only common thread is the color, which makes for an organized and focused array of photos.

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  1. Hey! I didn't know you are into antiquing and renovating. Very cool. I just spent the day on Sunday antiquing with friends. Next month is Antique Alley here - it's 25 miles down a country road of all sorts collections. It's amazing. I miss Astoria though. Glad one of the FF stores is still open. Was Vintage Hardware there when I lived there? Darcy